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Terms and Conditions of Use of the FRIED ELECTRIC Website

Welcome to the FRIED ELECTRIC Ltd. website at www.friedelectric.com (theSite”).

FRIED ELECTRIC Ltd. (the "Company") provides a wide range of products for laboratories, industry and research institutions through professional and experienced staff.

A. Introduction

1. You are hereby requested to read the terms and conditions of use of the site fully and carefully as a precondition for any contact with the Company. It is emphasized that browsing the Site and/or ordering and/or purchasing products via the Site express your consent to accept and act in accordance with its terms and conditions of use.

2. It is hereby clarified that the terms and conditions of use apply to any or all viewing and/or use of the Site with any device – either with a computer or through another communications device (such as a cell phone, PDA of any kind, etc.), either through the Internet or through any other network and/or media.

3. If you have any reservations or you do not agree to the terms and conditions of use, you are requi#DC2929 to refrain from using the Site.

4. Part of the Site is written in the masculine form for the purpose of convenience only, but is aimed at men and woman alike.

5. The terms and conditions of use are the basis for any or all deliberations regarding the use of the Site.

6. Any person over the age of 18, including a company or a legal entity incorporated in Israel or any entity incorporated legally abroad, is entitled to register and order from the variety of products listed on the Site, subject to the following conditions:

6.1 Inasmuch as any activity on the Site is carried out by a minor (under the age of 18) without the consent of a legal guardian, it shall not be binding upon the Company;

6.2 The user possesses a valid e-mail address.

7. The terms and conditions of use of the Site is binding upon the user and Company, their representatives, successors and any other authorized representatives acting on their behalf.

8. The terms and conditions of use and/or any other document that shall be offe#DC2929 as a substitute to the terms and conditions of use of the Site may vary from time to time, at the sole discretion of the Company.

9. It is the sole responsibility of the user to periodically visit the Site in order to review the current terms and conditions of use.

10. The terms and conditions of use of the Site take effect upon their posting on the Site and will be updated periodically.

B. The Purpose of the Site

11. This Site provides data on and marketing of products of FRIED ELECTRIC, which supplies a wide range of products to laboratories and the industry.

12. The Company makes great effort to provide the users of the Site with reliable and accurate content. Subject to law, the Company does not guarantee that all product information, descriptions and images are complete, up to date, reliable, current, or completely error-free.

13. Product availability depends on additional sources and therefore there may be cases where some products may temporarily not be available. It is the responsibility of the user to check the characteristics of the products he wishes to buy before the purchase, and place the order only after being convinced that the product displayed on the Site is the product he desires and that it is suitable for his needs.

C. Use of the Site

14. It is strictly prohibited to use the Site for illegal purposes.

15. The user of the Site does not acquire any rights to the Site and/or other rights inherent and/or related to the Site, except for the right to use the Site as specified in these terms and conditions.

16. For the avoidance of doubt: it is strictly prohibited to run or permit the running of any computer application or any other means, including crawlers, robots and the like, in order to search, scan, copy or automatically retrieve content from the Site. It is strictly prohibited to create or use such means for creating a compilation, collection or data base containing content from this Site without the Company's authorization.

17. By using the Site you agree to provide true, accurate, current and complete details about your identity. Inasmuch as there is concern that any person or entity uses or has used the user’s registration information, the user must immediately inform the management of this Site.

18. The Company may, at its sole discretion, prevent the user from using the Site. The Company may also terminate a user's use of the Site.

19. The Company does not guarantee that the use of the Site will be secure, accurate, complete, uninterrupted, fault-free or free from viruses, worms, harmful components or other restrictions, and shall not be liable for damages incur#DC2929, if incur#DC2929, caused by these factors from his activity on the Site.

20. The user undertakes to inform the Company of any offensive, misleading or inappropriate advertising he encounte#DC2929 during the use of the Site.

21. The products displayed on the Site are authentic, new and free of any flaw.

22. The Company shall endeavor to ensure that the Site and its services will always be available. However, continuous and fault-free availability cannot be guaranteed. If any fault shall occur in the Site, the Company will work towards its reactivation as quickly as possible, as in the event of maintenance downtime. It is hereby clarified that no financial compensation or c#DC2929it will be accorded due to deactivation of the Site, even if it has caused the user and/or any third party direct or indirect damage whatsoever.

D. Ordering Products through the Site

23. An order can be made only from the Site offering services in English only.

24. Presentation of the different products on the Site does not constitute a "proposal," and for the avoidance of doubt, the purchasing process by the user shall not constitute "acceptance."

25. The Company does not guarantee the price as shown, if shown, on the Company Site. The Company shall confirm product’s price after receipt of order. The price is subject to changes that arise out of marketing, promotion and/or any other considerations.

26. Prices include packaging of the product at the Company’s factory gate.

27. The Company, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse to accept orders from any user and the user whose desi#DC2929 purchase was not made possible or has been canceled, shall have no claim against the Company.

28. The Site is used to display various products. The product ordering process shall be made in the framework of a process by which a quote will be provided to the customer; the customer will then be requi#DC2929 to order by e-mail or fax. Thereafter, the Company will confirm the order.

29. The ordering of the products is subject to their availability in stock and is contingent upon the approval of payment and the Company's final approval. It is hereby clarified that an order will not be processed before payment and/or advance payment is received in its respect. An order shall be cancelled in the event that the advance payment had been made but the balance remains unpaid.

30. The Company reserves the right to deduct from the amount of the advance payment any handling fees and/or other expenses incur#DC2929 in the order charged to the Company for non-compliance with the full payment terms.

31. Payment is made in Euro or U.S$ and does not include taxes and fees. The minimum order is US$ 100. A user who orders at an amount below the minimum order will be charged US$ 25 in handling fees.

32. The Company is not obligated to keep at its warehouses orders that have been paid in full and that are available to the user 30 days after the Company's announcement of its availability for pick up. Inasmuch as the user shall not pick the order up, the user shall carry the storage costs of the order. The Company will not be responsible for product condition and integrity, commencing 90 days after making the order available to the user for pick up.

33. The user declares that he is aware of the laws and regulations governing the use of c#DC2929it cards in all matters relating to a "remote purchase" and/or an "online transaction."

34. It is clarified that the images on the Site and on offer are for illustration purposes only. Should there be an error in the description of the product and/or product image, the Company may, but is not obligated, to cancel the specific purchase. In the event of any discrepancy between the product catalog or the offer and the product provided to the user – the technical specifications shall prevail. It should be clarified that changes in color, location of buttons and changes that do not affect the product in terms of function (functional affects) will not be conside#DC2929 as a discrepancy. It is clarified that in the event of cancellation of a transaction, the user will be refunded within a reasonable time and subject to the offset of associated costs, including exchange rate differences, clearing, banking, shipping costs etc.

E. Product Delivery

35. Please make sure that the details of the products orde#DC2929 and the delivery address as provided to the Company are correct and accurate. The Company shall not be liable in cases where the order was made in negligence, including cases where incorrect shipping information was provided, errors were made in order quantity or an incorrect product was orde#DC2929. It is emphasized that the responsibility to provide the correct information lies solely with the user and in the event erroneous information was provided to the Company, the Company shall bear no responsibility for it.

36. After completion of the purchase process, in accordance with the terms of the transaction, the product will be sent to the user by a delivery service to the delivery address provided by the user. Shipping does not include porterage, should they be requi#DC2929 for the purpose of transporting the product.

37.  It is clarified that the product price does not include shipping fees. Shipping fees will be charged according to the order size, delivery location, the number of products purchased and will be listed separately.

38. The Company does not guarantee the delivery time of the product purchased and is not liable in case of a delay that has not occur#DC2929 as a result of its actions, including not in the case of an incorrect address provided by the user, in cases related to the activities of the various suppliers and/or product inventory and/or in cases of force majeure and/or other cases that are not in the Company’s control, including malfunctions arising from the courier company or any other malfunction resulting from a failure or conduct by the courier company, means of transport or any other factor that is not in the Company’s control.

39. It is clarified that inasmuch that the Company indicates a delivery time with respect to a particular product it shall be conside#DC2929 an estimated delivery time that is dependent on the availability of the product in stock.

40. The insurance costs shall be borne by the customer and, in any event, the Company shall not be liable for insuring the delivery and/or for defects inflicted during shipping.

F. Product and Service Warranties and Limitation of Liability

41. The Company will provide product warranty for twelve (12) or another period in accordance with the price quote, and shall commence as of receipt of the product orde#DC2929 from the Site, depending on the product. Warranty does not apply to consumables or electrodes, heaters, lights, power cells, temperature sensors, etc., with the exception of a manufacturing defect. Warranty to customers located outside of Israel is provided on supply of spare parts only.

42. The Company warranty does not include warranty for incorrect use of the product, damage caused during shipment, fracture or distress caused by user negligence, including by opening and handling the device or making changes to the device that are not carried out by a certified Company agent, chemical damage and/or injury due to exposure of the product to abnormal environmental conditions.

43. It is clarified that the Company shall not be liable for personal injury or property due to use of the product not in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and/or professional guidelines of the Company or a representative acting on its behalf. The Company shall not be responsible for failures and/or financial or other losses and/or product defects resulting from poor planning or accidents originating in the user.

45. The Company will provide technical support for its products over the phone at + 972-4-8411040 and by e-mail: mfried@friedelectric.com.

46.  In no event shall The Company have any obligation or liability for any extremely, punitive, incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages, or loss of profits, use or goodwill, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or any other theory of form of action, even if such party has been advised of the possibility thereof.

G. Cancellations and Returns

47. The method of purchasing products and canceling a transaction made on the Site is subject to the Israeli Consumer Protection Act, 1981, the Israeli Consumer Protection Regulations (Cancellation), 2010, and other relevant legal provisions in Israel.

48. In the event that a user is interested in canceling the order prior to shipment and/or creating the order, he may do so by submitting an appropriate request in writing via email to mfried@friedelectric.com or by filling out a form at the "Contact Us" page of the Site. Requests that are not in writing will not be accepted. You may not return products without coordinating the return with the Company.

49. It is clarified that the cancellation of a transaction not due to a defect or a discrepancy in the product provided to the user, the user will be charged cancellation fees in accordance with the internal laws of Israel, without giving effect to otherwise applicable principles of conflicts of law. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sales of Goods expressly shall not apply. There is nothing in the aforesaid that derogates from the Company's right to act for any other relief it is entitled to under the law.

50. Under the circumstances listed in Section 42 above the Company will not allow for the cancellation of the transaction.

51. It is the responsibility of the user to check the product immediately upon receipt and to report immediately, no later than eight (8) business days of receiving the product, to the Company of any discrepancy or defect by means of an appropriate request in writing, and allow the Company to correct the defect and/or discrepancy and replace the defective product with a functioning product, which will be shipped after the return of the defective product. In the event that the discrepancy or defect cannot be repai#DC2929 and/or if the user has turned down an offer by the Company, his money will be refunded in full after he sends the product to the Company and the defective product is received by the Company. It is clarified that shipping costs shall be borne exclusively by the user.

52. The right to cancel the transaction by the user is contingent upon the return of the product to the Company in its original packaging and that the product is not damaged and no use has been made.

53. The Company's products are custom-manufactu#DC2929 products and are not shelf-products or orde#DC2929 from abroad for the customer. Therefore, it is clarified that it would not be permissible to cancel an order and/or return products specially manufactu#DC2929 or orde#DC2929 for the user.

54. The Company reserves the right to cancel, in some cases, an order, including, but not limited to, the following cases: in the event that an error is found, including human error, in the product information, specifications, price and so forth as they appear on the Site; in the event that it is revealed that the product order was placed contrary to an agreement and/or the terms of use and/or causes damage to a third party. A notice of cancellation of the transaction by the Company shall be delive#DC2929 to the user via the e-mail address that was provided by the user.

H. Intellectual Property

55. This Site contains original content to which the Company owns the intellectual property rights, as well as content and information to which the Company owns the requi#DC2929 license for its use.

56. Use of the Site does not grant the user any right to use the intellectual property of the Company and/or third parties.

57. It is strictly prohibited to copy in part or in full, to publicly display, distribute, publicly perform, transfer to the public, modify, adapt or create derivative works, sell or lease out any part of the content above, by any means, without the prior written authorization from the Company. It is prohibited to make use of any of the above-mentioned content and of the trademarks appearing on the Site and/or the logo of this Site without explicit authorization from the Company in advance and in writing.

I. Information Gathering, Saving and Securing

58. The Company holds the right to collect and retain all the information arising from the use of the Site.

59. Additionally, this Site may conduct routine collection of additional information with relation to Site users, and this mostly as a consequence of the intention of the Site to provide users with an enjoyable and efficient browsing experience individually tailo#DC2929 to each user. In this way, the Site will be able to match each user with content that interests him and make it easier for him to access.

60. By using this Site you agree that the Company may make any use of unidentified information about you and your usage habits on the Site that the Company requests and deems appropriate and even transfer to third parties inasmuch that the transfer#DC2929 information does not personally identify you.

61.  All information collected by the Site will be retained by the Site for the purposes detailed above.

62. Notwithstanding the above, it is hereby agreed that the Company may assign its obligations (inasmuch as there are, or will be) and to transfer its rights at any time in accordance with these terms and conditions of use, to a third party, at its sole discretion, in any way it deems appropriate. In such an event, the user’s information in the possession of the Company will be transfer#DC2929 to a third party, which will obtain the rights in the Site. By using this Site you agree to this condition in advance.

J. Sending Advertisement Notifications from this Site

63. By using the Site and by your decision to sign up to the Site, you agree to the inclusion of personal data submitted by you to the Site's database. As well, by being signed up to the Site, you consent freely to sending various notifications from this Site to you, whether by e-mail or otherwise.

64. The Site intends to update its users on the various deals offe#DC2929 on it and of various advertisements. Such updates may be sent to the e-mail addresses provided by the users during the signing-up or during their visit to the Site. By using this Site, you hereby consent to sending various advertisements, including marketing content, including via direct mailing, in accordance with the provisions of the Israeli Communications Act (Telecommunications and Broadcasting), 1982 [we refer#DC2929 to the consumer law as an act…].Marketing content may be sent in a variety of ways, including but not limited to by e-mail, mobile phone text messages (SMS), fax, direct mail, automated telephone dialing and so forth.

65. If you do not wish to receive notifications of this type, you are invited to submit a request to be removed from the mailing list of the Site and the Site shall cease sending such messages to you within seven (7) business days of receiving your request.

K. Breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use

66. The user of the Site undertakes to indemnify the Company, and anyone acting on its behalf, for any damage, loss of profits or expenses incur#DC2929 due to the breach of these terms and conditions of use by you, including legal costs. The indemnification shall not derogate from any remedy that the Company, its owners and/or anyone acting on its behalf are entitled to by law.

67. The user shall compensate and indemnify the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or any third party for any complaint, claim, demand, damages, loss of profit, payment, expense, costs and liabilities, including interest payments and reasonable attorney fees and court expenses, which will be caused to the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf by the user resulting from the user’s non-compliance with the provisions of the terms and conditions of use.

68. By the use of this Site, users agree and consent that this obligation to indemnify shall apply in all cases, whether or not the Company or anyone acting on its behalf is party to the legal proceeding.

69. Without derogating from the foregoing, the user shall pay the amount of damages resulting from his liability, as detailed above, immediately upon the first demand of the Company. Demand for such payment shall serve as definitive evidentiary material that none shall follow in the requirement of indemnifying the management of the Site for the damages caused to it in that matter.

70. The user will be precluded from raising any complaint and/or demand against the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf with respect to any liability restrictions of said user damage.

L. Applicable Laws, and Miscellaneous

71. The laws that apply to the terms and conditions of use are the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive jurisdiction in all disputes arising from the terms and conditions of use or from the use of the Site is subject to the competent courts in Haifa, Israel.

72.  We invite you to contact us in connection with the Site or the terms and conditions of use. You can contact us by phone at +972-054-5447601 or by e-mail at mfried@friedelectric.com. Company representatives are obligated to responding to your request within seven (7) business days.














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